On August 24th, 2016 we flew back home to take care of our taxes, attend a family wedding, and drop Jackie Dawg off with a friend in Washington.  Apparently she is being spoiled rotten and enjoying every minute of it.  Our return home was much shorter than we anticipated and by September 21st we were back in Costa Rica, loaded down with gear such as replacement tires and some other much needed gear.  We returned to the same hostel, TripOn Open House, and stayed there for four days while we worked on the bikes.

We pulled out mid morning, Sunday September 25th, and after spending much of the day riding in the rain, we decided to stop in Palmar Norte which is about an hour north of the border.  This was the first time we didn’t have to worry about whether we could find a room with the dog, which was nice but also sad as there definitely is a hole in our world right now.  But we are warm and dry in our hotel room now and while I do a quick blog update, Milton is cooking dinner.

Tomorrow we will cross the border and head to Panama City where we will begin to take care of the  bike inspections and paperwork to make sure we make our October 3rd reservation with Wild Card Sailing (wildcardsailing.com) which will take on a  five day cruise through the San Blas Islands.  During that time we will be without internet access but we will be sure to take many photo so we can update when we arrive in Columbia.

We are both very excited about the next phase of our adventure in South America but sad that we left our friend Chris who was our traveling companion for about a month.  He has decided to hang out in San Jose for a while longer but I am hoping that we will meet up again somewhere down the road.  In the meantime, we will continue to head south with the hope of meeting up with some other travelers in December in Northern Argentina.

Until next time, Happy Days!!